APRIL 16TH 2016

Shifa Free Health Clinic

April 16th 2016

Once again with the dedicated support and mercy of Allah, the Shifa Clinic that was held on Saturday April 14th 2016 was a huge success!

We had our highest number of patients over 50 — a new record! Many patients were new comers. All patients were attended to by professional doctors and a pharmacist. The on-site lab service was received well. We were able to make progress on the new developments, such as the free medications as well. Our patients were very appreciative.

The clinic was operated out of MAS-Charlotte’s facility at 4301 Shamrock Drive. Raza Ulhaq, the director of the Shifa Clinic, arranged a well-run organized program.

This is a service which all of us can be proud and show our our commitment and support to our fellow Americans.

The next date is Saturday, 14th May 2016.

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