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American Islamic Outreach presentations are to help and provide Islamic information and education to the American public. Many people have questions, incomplete information, and may have misconceptions or uninformed ideas about Islam and Muslims. American Islamic Outreach wants to help remove misunderstandings, and present Islam in a truthful manner. Our presentations are not lectures; rather they are interactive, using many different tools to explain specific topics in detail, using slides, videos, literature, and artifacts. American Islamic Outreach wants to highlight the values of Islam.

We offer presentation on many different topics:

  • What is Islam: Beliefs & Practices
  • Who is Allah: Concept of God in Islam
  • Family Values in Islam: Covers Women in Islam
  • Jesus son of Mary in the Quran(peace be upon them)
  • History of Muslim –Christian relations
  • Muhammad – The Prophet of Islam short biography (Peace be upon him)
  • Who Authored The Quran: Islam Brief intro to the Holy Book of Islam
  • Does Islam Promote Violence: Covers Jihad & Extremism.
  • Islam & Christianity: Similarities & Differences.
  • Muslim Beliefs on Crucifixion and Second Coming of Jesus
  • Based on Quran & Prophet Muhammad’s Teachings(peace be upon them)
  • Bible & Quran: A Comparison of two Holy Books*

Add-on Item

  • ISIS / Terrorism and Refugee Crisis.

We try our best to answer all questions with the guidance from the Quran and the Learning of Prophet Muhammad SAW. We also provide context to clarify peoples understandingof quotes from the Quran.

Frequently asked question include;

  • What does Islam teach?
  • Why do Muslims believe that the Prophet Muhammad is the final prophet?
  • What do Muslims believe about Jesus?
  • What is hijab?
  • Are men and women equal in Islam?
  • What is Jihad?
  • What is Sharia Law?

We offer open houses, not only at Mosques, but anywhere possible. We are willing to conduct open houses at all places of worship, places of education (schools, Universities), prisons, and also in public places.

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