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Monthly Maintenance of Stand.
Qurans: Translation of the message of the final revelation in English and Spanish.
12 Brochures in English and Spanish on various important subjects. i.e: About Islam, Women’s Rights, Misconceptions, The Quran, Prophet Muhammad and Jesus in Islam.

Our Quran Stands are a one-stop literature stand. They are a great efficient new way to help us spread the word and help inform the general public about Islam. Each stand holds Free Qurans in English and Spanish, along with brochures providing information on various subjects.

The installation of the Quran Stands started in June 2016. We have started installing them in local Muslim businesses in and around Charlotte NC. With the support and encouragement from the community, we have begun installing Quran Stands in South Carolina.

Each stand has many benefits:

– Compact and space saver:  All the information needed for the basics of Islam is readily available in one place. Slim, only 18″ wide and 59″ tall.
– Professional appearance: Neat, tidy, organized and restocked every week.
– Portable: placed near the entrance, or moved to a place where visible for customers can easily take brochures or Qurans.
– Practical: Easy to set up and Free of charge to Business owners.
– Rewarding: Help spread the word of Islam by helping American Islamic Outreach Foundation and yourselves, inshallah the right way.

The Qurans have been sponsored by Al Furqaan Foundation – Furqaan Project.
Al-Furqaan Foundation is a nationwide, tax-exempt, 501(c)3, dawah / educational Organization based in Illinois, founded in 2003.