GA Tech MSA Conference

Alhamdolillah American Islamic Outreach attended the 1st GaTech MSA Professional Conference event.

Asif Rafiq, our liaison in GA and his son were there in attendance with a information booth. Alhamdolillah it was a great event.

It was great to see how many of the students wanted to know more about AIO and different activities that AIO is performing. Brother Asif explained the importance of Dawah and the work AIO is doing via installing Quran stands and Quran Mobile.

Alhamdolillah a few brothers showed interest for volunteering and getting involved in Dawah work.

This was a great opportunity for AIOF to educate Students regarding AIOF and Dawah work.

We thank GA Tech MSA for reaching out to us to join in attending the event and we hope to continue a relationship with GA Tech MSA in the near future.

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