Converts and Friends Group: Etiquette of the Relations Between Men and Women

Sunday 23rd April 2017

Despite the rain, we had a wonderful informational session led by Sr. Marwah on The Etiquette of the Relations Between Men and Women. The attendees of both a mix of converts and born Muslims.

We received great feedback from the participants that the information given was helpful for new converts, old converts, and persons who have been raised as Muslims.

Converting to Islam is an often, can be a complex and very personal journey. We need to support and help new converts. Many issues and problems can occur in and out of home because of their conversion and confusion over how to practice Islam.

AIOF is here to help make the transition easier and peaceful for all our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters in their path of Islam.

Inshallah we have many activities for our New Muslims in the month of May. We are planning and coordinating a Ramadan Boot camp. We will be meeting up for Iftar and attending Taraweeh prayers together at the different masjids at least once per week…STAY TUNED!

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