Inshallah the new Quran Mobile for GA will be heading its way to Marietta GA.

Inshallah this Friday, Director Mohamed Haroon Sait and Brother Naji will be heading to Masjid Hedaya, for Jummah/Friday Prayers where they will be showcasing the new QM for GA.

To check out the Quran Mobile, come by Masjid Hedaya: 968 Powder Springs St, Marietta GA 30064. Jummah/Friday Prayers starts at 1:45pm

Here are AIOF we are hoping to raise awareness of the Quran Mobile and the Quran Stands in Georgia. We would like to install Quran Stands in the over 100 Masajids, and Muslim businesses in GA.

Inshallah we will be meeting and networking to facilitate the message and the work of Dawah.

This had only be possible from all the support from our Local and surrounding Muslim communities.

Both the Quran Stands and the Quran Mobile play a huge role in American Islamic Outreach Foundation.

They have been able to help us:

  • To promote the teachings of Islam.
  • To remove the misconceptions of Islam.
  • To increase the communication with the community.
  • To engage in interfaith conversation with all the public.
  • Allows distributing Islamic Literature to Muslim business.

The hope is that with education; mistrust and fear of Muslims will fade. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the perfect example of some who was actively engaged in interfaith dialog and building bridges. A unified community embraced with the respect for one another’s faith is certainly a community that is blessed with peace and prosperity.

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