AMERICAN ISLAMIC OUTREACH is an established non-profit organization that is making a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of Muslims and non-Muslims across the Carolina’s, with the vision to broaden our reach across the Southeast, and beyond.

Here at AIOF have been working really hard to provide education and information about Islam to the American Public. With Allah’s guidance and your support we have been able to handle several Dawah projects since 2012.

To keep these valuable interfaith outreach efforts going, your support and generous donations are greatly needed.

Some of our on-going projects:

  • Supporting new Muslims with smooth and informational transitions, with monthly meetup sessions
  • Assisting with community events at the local mosques.
  • Speaking engagements at Churches, Schools and other establishments.


With the support of the Muslim Community members like you, we were able to install Quran Stands in many Muslim owned businesses in North and South Carolina. In shaá Allah, the goal is to have the translation of the Quran in many different languages, easily

accessible to everyone who is willing to learn about Islam, nationally and internationally.



Your donation of $200 helps towards

  • Weekly maintenance of the Stand: a sturdy, well-built stand to last for years.
  • 12 Brochures with Holder: Various subjects in English and Spanish
  • Qurans in English and Spanish


Our information tables are a method for us to promote understanding and dialogue to the general American public. You can find a range of free brochures and books on the Islamic faith.

We distribute Free Holy Qurans and Brochures in English and Spanish.

You can find our booths at festivals, mosques, flea markets and downtown Charlotte.

In addition to our information tables, we have dedicated volunteers who available to answer any questions.


Distributing literature is one of the main projects AIOF partakes in to provide education and information about Islam.

The literature is used for all of our on-going projects, from Quran Stand to Open Houses to weekly Quran requests from Email, Voicemail and Mail. Quran Requests come from all over the country on a weekly basis. The curiosity of wanting to know more is growing.

We have been able to distribute over 3800 Qurans in this month of April 2017 alone.

Alhamdullilah we have now have all our brochures and Qurans available in Spanish and English.

We cover subjects on:

  • About Islam
  • Women in Islam
  • The Quran
  • Misconceptions
  • Jesus in Islam
  • Prophet Muhammad.


Our most eye-catching project “Our moving Billboard” promoting the message of Dawah wherever it goes!

The Quran Mobile is a 12 seater sprinter van that is wrapped with graphics displaying the message of Dawah.


An established a Free Health Clinic that is operating twice a month since October 2016.

With dedicated doctors and volunteers running a clinic that offers many services:

  • Free Health Screenings,
  • Free consultations,
  • Written prescriptions,
  • Free advice
  • Discounted lab services,
  • Free Health Advice
  • Free Medications* (*some restrictions apply)

The Free Clinic helps all faiths, uninsured, below the poverty line, regardless of religious beliefs in an appropriate and judgement free environment. We serve patients with language difficulties, such as Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Bengali, Farsi, and French


  • Permanent location in the MAS Charlotte Facility
  • Tended to 350+ patients. Every month we have seen a growth of new patients, new professional medical staff and new dedicated volunteers.
  • We also have access to OTC medication to whom needs it and is dispensed with supervision from our dedicated pharmacist.
  • Operates twice a month
  • Started a gynecology service
  • Stated on the Mecklenburg Free Clinic List.