Information Table

Our objective is to give the message of God – the Quran – to all mankind.

American Islamic Outreach Information Table are a method for us to promote understanding and dialogue to the general American public. At our information tables you can find a range of free brochures and books on the Islamic faith. Free Holy Qurans in English and Spanish are available.

You can find our booths at festivals, mosques, flea markets and downtown Charlotte.

In addition to our information tables, we have dedicated volunteers who available to answer any questions.

At the festivals, we also have a feature where you can try on a hijab and also some henna.

If you would like us to set up a Information Table at your event, please contact us at


Phone: 704.412.9040

Unity Fall Festival Gandhi Celebration 10/4/2014

Unity Fall Festival Gandhi Celebration 10/4/2014 We were glad to be part of the annual Gandhi Festival on 10/4/2014, which was held at Old County Court House Lawn. Volunteers answered questions...

Rock Hill Masjid Grand opening 12/13/2013

Rock Hill Masjid Grand opening 12/13/2013 At the Grand opening of the Masjid in Rock Hill was great, as we got to participate with non-Muslims. Here we gave our 5 English Quran.

Masjid Ash Shaheed

Masjid Ash Shaheed 10/18/2013 AIO sets up their first Information Table! We were able to introduce American Islamic Outreach to the public by setting up our first Islamic information booth.