Information Table

Our objective is to give the message of God – the Quran – to all mankind.

American Islamic Outreach Information Table are a method for us to promote understanding and dialogue to the general American public. At our information tables you can find a range of free brochures and books on the Islamic faith. Free Holy Qurans in English and Spanish are available.

You can find our booths at festivals, mosques, flea markets and downtown Charlotte.

In addition to our information tables, we have dedicated volunteers who available to answer any questions.

At the festivals, we also have a feature where you can try on a hijab and also some henna.

If you would like us to set up a Information Table at your event, please contact us at


Phone: 704.412.9040

AIOF and Quran stands IN GA

AIOF and Quran stands IN GA Alhamdolillah now you are able to get Free Qurans in GA. We have been able to install about over a dozen Quran Stands in various Muslim Businesses and Mosques. We have...

Ask A Muslim Information event.

Ask A Muslim Information event. Alhamdolillah UNCC MSA had a great turnout for our Ask a Muslim Table event. We at American Islamic are happy to help out the MSA with providing them the Free Qurans...

Ask A Muslim : Monday 15th October 2018

Ask A Muslim 10am – 4pm : Monday 15th October 2018 Outside Prospector American Islamic Outreach Foundation is in collaboration with UNCC MSA by providing the Clear Quran Translations and...

ISNA TX Convention

ISNA TX Convention From Friday Aug 31st – September 3rd 2018 Alhamdolillah AIOF had a very successful and productive time at the ISNA TX Convention during Aug 31st – September 3rd...

One Day in the Haram

One Day in the Haram. Friday 5th October 2018 For the First Time in History, experience the Haram like never before in the US. Join Penny Appeal USA, American Islamic Outreach Foundation, and...


MAS/ICNA CONVENTION BALTIMORE MD 2018 Alhamdolillah AIOF was present at the MAS/ICNA Convention in Baltimore MD during March 30 thru April 1st. We were able to showcase the Quran Stands that are...