Sunday April 1st 2018

On Sunday April 1st 2018 AIOF had a monthly Information/Dawah Table Breakfast meeting.

In the meeting they discussed many ideas about scheduling, improvements, suggestions, updates with the attendees who volunteer at the Dawah/Information table that is situated at the Charlotte Flea Market.

Alhamdolillah the Dawah Team had a table set up for the whole of March with great experiences and the volunteers were thrilled to be part of the AIOF dawah team

Inshallah the Dawah Team will have an Information table at the Charlotte open Air Flea Market, located at the Eastland mall site in the month of April too.

If you are interested in helping out with the Dawah Team..even if only for 1-2 hours a month, we will greatly appreciate the support. This will help you feel that you are sharing the message, vision and mission we all trying to achieve, by spreading the word of Islam.

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