Ask A Muslim

UNCC MSA is hosting a ASK a MUSLIM information table

Wednesday 18th October 2017.

American Islamic Outreach Foundation is in collaboration with UNCC MSA by providing the Clear Quran Translations and Brochures on many different subjects.

The purpose of this event is for UNCC students to have a chance to ask about Islam, receive free copies of the Quran, and socialize with Muslims.

The aim of the event is for anyone who has a question or a misconception about Islam to come and ask real practicing Muslims.

AIOF and UNCC MSA object is to deliver the true message of the Quran to allow non Muslim students to gain knowledge about Islam.

We hope many will come by and ASK a MUSLIM!

DATE: Wednesday 18th October
LOCATION: Outside Prospector
TIME: 11am-4pm

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