American Islamic Outreach and Islamic Community of South Charlotte co-hosted an Open House ” Meet your Muslim Neighbor”, on Sat Feb 13th 2016.

About 150 plus guests came together and enjoyed a great evening with a presentation given by the keynote speaker, Imam Eesa Wood from Greenville, SC.

Imam Eesa spoke of his journey to Islam. He was raised as a protestant in North Carolina. He also explained daily activities of Muslims.
“Islam is a way of being,” Wood said. “It has beliefs, it has actions. It has an outer and an inner core.”

Meet your Muslim Neighbor events are being conducted all over the country. This is a great opportunity for people of different backgrounds and faiths to form new friendships, also to communicate to dispel any misconceptions and to work together for the community.

The volunteers of the Islamic Community of South Charlotte put on a excellent display of organization. Everyone was well prepared to do the job and handled everything with a friendly attitude. AIO was glad to take part in this event.

American Islamic Outreach had set up an information booth with Free Qurans and Islamic literature.

Different media outlets came out to cover the event. Here are some links to their coverage: