DECEMBER 12th 2015

On Saturday 12th December 2015, American Islamic Outreach held their 1st Annual Banquet, at Islamic Society of Greater Charlotte. On behalf of American Islamic Outreach, we thank all the local imams, organizers, the volunteers for the support and dedication to make this event a success. Mashallah over 350 members of the Charlotte Muslim community attended!. The event started with a beautiful verse from the Holy Quran, Sura 33 Alahzab was eloquently recited by Fayzaan Rafiq, followed `by translation read by Khadija Shaikh. Our local Imams discussed the importance of Dawah and various techniques to implement them in our day to day life. Our imams spoke about the following topics:

  • Da’wah and patience – Imam Osama Saliha
  • Dawah by personal interactions (Neighbors, colleagues, students) – Imam Naim Muhammad
  • The importance of personal worship for the Da’iyah – Imam Abdi Dahir
  • Use of Latest tools, techniques to convey the message – Imam Ibrahim Kamara

A short video was presented to showcase our activities and projects of 2015, including an update on the Shifa Health Free Clinic.(link to the video) As Dawah is the part of our legacy, we at American Islamic Outreach are inspired and highly motivated to work relentlessly towards this noble cause.With your dedication and support Insha’Allah, we are working towards hosting many more events for 2016.