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Quran Stands

American Islamic Outreach has been working with local Muslim Business to set up Quran Stands.

You can get a Free Quran in English and Spanish, Free Islamic Literature or request for additional information.


Weekly Dawah

Despite the heat, dedicated American Islamic Outreach Volunteers have been doing Dawah on a weekly basis right in the center of Uptown Charlotte area since the beginning of Ramadan.

Shifa Free Health Clinic

May 16th 2016

Month of Ramadan Mon, May 16th 2016 Alhamdulilah, in the month of Ramadan, almost 45 patients were...

Quran Mobile

Eastland Mall 11/22/2015

Eastland Mall 11/22/2015 The Islamic information booth was at the Eastland Mall Flea market once...


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